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 ¡ SUMMER 2023 ! 

•Basic Beginner Classes on Thursdays & Saturdays

•Advanced Beginner Classes Wednesdays & Saturdays

Enjoy the unique music and experience the fascinating, mysterious,

sensual and FESTIVE culture of Flamenco ¡ÓLE!

Click here to download information.



•palmas (hand clapping) 

•taconeo (footwork)

•marcaje (graceful arm & hand movement)

•vueltas (turns) ... y más

Train your ears along with your body as you explore the seductive rhythms of Flamenco. Whether you’d like to perform some day or just get a WORKOUT… join us! Enjoy an intense WARM-UP designed to increase flexibility, strength, and endurance, followed by basic, fun Flamenco technique and steps.

•Close fitting shoes w/ hard heel. (No sneakers or open toed sandals please!)​
•Form fitting shirt or leotard
•Long flowing skirt (women), Comfortable pants (men)

Some Flamenco Shoes & Skirts are Available for Purchase

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