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This unique workout is for adults ready to immerse in a new experience... and sweat! Through an exploration of the most basic flamenco rhythms called "Tangos", we dance, sing (and sometimes even shout) our way to health and rejuvenation.


Each lesson teaches the fundamentals of flamenco dance, minus the floor stomping footwork. si señora -   ¡¡¡NO SHOES REQUIRED!!!

Class starts with a half-hour intensive warm-up and deep stretch. Students use this time to find their center and focus on proper posture and alignment ... all while listening to traditional music with a 4/4 pulse.



Flamenco gives your body a cardiovascular workout, causing both your heart rate and breathing rate to increase, encouraging weight loss, and the improvement of the circulatory and respiratory system. With regular Flamenco practice students can expect an increase in muscular strength, endurance and stamina.
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