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Flamenco Rhythm, Music, and Dance classes for Children Ages 4-12.
¡Se Habla Español! Performance Opportunities! Boys & Girls Welcome!

At any age Flamenco is a lot more than just dance.

But for young children it is a unique outlet for self-expression.

Flamenco 4 Kids!™ carefully balances discipline with

creativity, fun, and independence!



Magdalena uses an organic system of

ear training to build age-appropriate skills

in movement and musicianship.


Parents peeking in might see their little one learning to stand tall and proud like royalty,  stomping in unison with classmates like a stampede of horses, or twirling in circles,

opening and rotating her hands like a blossoming flower.

Rhythm and dance are cleverly intertwined

as children accompany traditional music

from Andalucía by moving their bodies

from head to toe. ¡OLE!


 Flamenco 4 Kids!™ - What Happens?
With so many layers of complexity the smallest "A-HA" in Flamenco is a gigantic
milestone! Time in class is mostly reserved for play, process, and imagination.
Instead of an actual step, students may learn a new way to translate a particular
feeling into a movement. With young children a 30-second phrase can
be the primary building block for an entire week's lesson!
In this way Flamenco is an ideal art form for enriching the lives of our children.
That one 30-second snapshot can be exposure to elements of musical theater, dance, improvisation, music theory, rhythm ... even MATH! We think art appreciation is as important to understanding Flamenco as balance and coordination.
But that's not all. Students learn lots of Spanish and about the culture of Andalucía.
They collaborate with their classmates to MAKE ART HAPPEN,
because Flamenco needs Baile, Musica, y Compás to be complete.
What better way to learn teamwork and problem solving!

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