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What is Flamenco? The evolution of flamenco is bound up with the history of Andalucía, where over the centuries Europe has mingled with Africa,

the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.


Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Moors, Jews and Gypsies had all made their home in the region. A unique melting pot of cultures found

expression in diverse forms.

Pure Flamenco today is largely improvised, using

voice, guitar, percussion and dance to create an eruption of self expression and artistry. There is

passion, pathos, joy and rebellion.

In a traditional show each performer clearly communicates his or her own specific style to

the audience, not unlike a jazz session. Artists may improvise to impress each other, using this mysterious language, a spontaneity and a comradery which truly captivates the outside observer.

Whether it's for a friend, on the street outside a crowded bar, or an 1,800 seat theater. Flamencos worldwide speak the same language of music,

rhythm and dance. 

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