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Learn the beautiful rhythms you can create with castanets!


Ta-rrrria-pi-ta! Also informally called "palillos," CASTANETS are a percussive instrument used in both the Flamenco and Spanish Dance repertoire. In this class students learn the basic skills to gradually create the "carretilla" (roll sound), proper "golpes" (single strike with middle finger), and "choques" (strike of one castanet against the other).

While Beginners learn to coordinate simple arm movements and marking, those with more experience will forge ahead learning short choreographic phrases for Fandangos, Seguiriya and of course for Sevillanas at Féria.

The word CASTAÑUELA comes from "castaña" (chestnut). This instrument is said to be thousands of years old, originating in ancient Phoenician / Greek and Mediterranean civilizations.

CARE: Castanets are musical instruments and should be treated with care. Don’t undo the special slip knot! Handle them carefully, making sure not to drop them or crash them against each other. Please remind children (siblings especially!) that these castanets are not toys but in fact student-grade quality and made in Granada.

FIT: Though it may seem uncomfortable at first, flamenco dancers learn to keep their castanets fitted tightly around each thumb. Why? 1) They are very distracting when constantly slipping off fingers 2) if too loose they do not make the proper sound. 3) if they fall off during performance dancer must leave stage and re- enter for next number.

SIZE: As your child’s hands grow bigger, larger sized castanets will be traded out at no cost (provided used set is in good condition). Adults need proper sizing too! Castanets should completely fill the inside of hand. When stretched, fingers should reach all the way into center of shell and which is where they strike (not on edge).

LABEL: Soft fluffy socks are provided to Flamenco 4 Kids!™ with purchase of castanets. These keep them protected when not in use and also to help identify which pair belongs to which child. Please use black sharpie for additional labeling, on inside of castanets.


•Castanets are available for purchase. (the souvenir or toy versions available on sites like Amazon are not permitted)

•No experience is necessary for beginner level. NON Musicians welcome too!

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