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¡Vamos para la Féria!


Learn sevillanas at Dance Flamenco DC and perform at local events and festivals. ¡OLE!


What makes Sevillanas so special?


This social dance is performed solo or with a partner and utilizes much of the same technique as in Flamenco. With its colorful costuming and lively song, Sevillanas can be performed at schools, parties, weddings, bars, and most importantly the annual Spring Fair in Seville referred to as “FERIA.”


Sevillanas are known for their charismatic, lively gracefulness. There are four sections, each a short song which often makes reference to various aspects of Andalusian culture. The “letra” or verse ends with a sudden stop as dancers strike a pose,... inspiring friends and family to shout ¡Ole!


Make friends, get exercise, and learn this fun dance all at the same time!

About the Sevillanas Class


Dancing Sevillanas develops upper body strength and requires a bit of stamina! It is recommended that you take this class in conjunction with Flamenco in order to build up proper technique.


Sevillanas can also be danced with "castañuelas" (castanets), "mantón" (Spanish shawl) or "abanico" (Flamenco fan).

For more information, send us an email.

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