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Hello! I am a Spaniard who by chance I saw walking down the Wisconsin Ave yesterday morning, the special and beautiful work that Magdalena does with her children. I feel super proud of the love and passion that he transmits teaching another culture of flamenco and the language, to his students and to the people who were there watching him. Thank you very much teacher, you are doing very well. A greeting from many Spaniards who admire you with affection.

Isabella T.
Washington, D.C.


You exude natural ease with students, you create camaraderie within the group ... you remind us of the intersections of dance, form, rhythm, cante and teach us where our steps fall. You craft explanations that are crystalline.



Before taking flamenco, when I'd go running or do yoga, the activities didn't have much meaning for me – but now I do these things in the context of dance and I enjoy them much more. Thank you for being such an inspiring & wonderful teacher. 



"Everyone was dazzled by your performance!"


Bill McLeod

Art Festival Producer 

Fantastic flamenco classes and lessons.  I acquired a passion for flamenco from Magdalena.  It's been a few years since I took her classes, and I still remember them very fondly.  We had live guitarists in our classes, and along with the actual dancing, we learned the concepts and different styles behind the rhythms. Just awesome classes, all around.  If you are looking for a great teacher of flamenco, look no further..

Marianna T.
Washington, D.C.


Gracias por abrirme al mundo del Flamenco y aprender apreciar lo bueno…



Sore muscles, sore brain, but I am completely delighted! Very satisfying!


…Emocionante, las tres guitarras, el taconeo, las palmas sordas … el genio, la brujeria y Olé – Eres fenomenal!



It is rare to find someone so gifted in their craft and equally excellent at teaching…



… me motivaron y me emocionaron de nuevo al baile.



… The power in your dancing reminds me of Spain and inspires me to put more strength and confidence into what I'm doing.




If you are looking for a great flamenco display at your event, I highly recommend Magdalena! Professional, friendly, and reasonable, we plan to hire them again. Our guests enjoyed the performance and built in lesson!

Washington, D.C.

I always wanted to dance and you gave me the push to get out there…. Gracias por el cariño, el apoyo, el empuje y el ánimo que nos brinda siempre.



I so appreciate your blend of precision & kindness in class…. I really really love flamenco- I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it!




You amaze me at your ability to connect with so many people in such a personal way. What a gift to be able to change people's lives, bringing them life & joy.




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